Monday, 2 January 2012

Current Skincare Routine

First of all, Happy New Year! And secondly, I am so overwhelmed by all the comments I got on my first post. I didn't even expect one, so thank you so much.

Today's post is going to be my current skincare routine. Just so you know, my skin is combination-dry, so just because these products work for me does not mean they will work for everyone. I change what I use quite often, either because my skin's playing up or because there's something different on offer in Boots/Superdrug.

But I've kept to my current routine for over a month now, and it seems to be working nicely. So here it is:

(1) Olay Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Face Wash

This is a clear liquid that lathers up into a nice foam. It's gentle on the face, and I like that you only have to use a tiny pea-size amount, so it lasts ages! Previous face washes have tended to leave my skin feeling quite dry and tight, but the problem hasn't been as bad with this face wash.

(2) Olay Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Toner

Some people use toners in the mornings, others in the evenings. I tend to use it in the morning before I moisturise or put any make-up on. It ensures my skin is fully clean before applying anything else. I'm not sure if it actually 'tones' my face, but it definitely cleanses it.

(3) Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream (For Dry & Sensitive Skin)

I used to use this a few years back, but came back to it recently after I finished my other favourite day cream (Olay Total Effects). And I'm really enjoying using it again. It seems better than the Olay one for this time of year because it's thicker, meaning my skin doesn't get too dry. It has spf15 in, which I always look out for in a day cream. I definitely recommend this, and it's only about £4. Bargain!

(4) Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream

 This eye cream also contains spf15, it's light and sinks into the skin nicely.

(5) Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Regenerating Night Cream

This product is very thick, I'd definitely only put it on just before bed. Once I put it on early evening and my family kept asking 'why's your face so shiny?' haha. It sounds odd, but it almost feels like I'm putting butter on my face. But it does sink in through the night and I've been waking up with nice, soft skin.

(6) St. Ives Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

I've used quite a lot of different wipes for removing my make-up, but I always seem to go back to these. They have just the right amount of moisture and take off my make-up easily, even waterproof mascara. I am on the look out for an actual eye make-up remover, so please leave suggestions in the comments!

I hope this interested some of you!

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  1. I received some Olay bits at Christmas and that cleanser is really good, its the only one that actually completely clears my skin of any makeup! I need to get into a better routine though!

  2. Sounds like a great routine! I need to use an eye cream & a night cream which I currently don't. I just need to get a bit better at doing everything more regularly!

  3. Great post! Need to do a skincare update on mine i think:) Good photos too:)

  4. might have to try some of these, your skin looks amazeee!xxx

  5. hey! thanks for following my blog =] I use both the nivea moisturisers too, affordable and work for me! happy new year xo

  6. I've been really good with my skincare routine lately! Sometimes I get lazy and skip it at night, haha. These products look quite good!

    x Michelle |