Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Recent Purchases: Ark, Primark, Boots and more..

Hi! I've been on two shopping trips lately and here's what I managed to pick up. I'm really pleased with my purchases so thought I'd show you. All of the items are pretty cheap too :)

Playsuit (£5) and PJs (£6), Primark

Two bargains here. The first playsuit will be perfect for wearing now with tights and in the summer without. It's an easy piece to just throw on. The Pj playsuit is so comfy and will be great to wear in the warm summer months.

Cardigan (£24.99) and Vest (£14.99), Ark

I've been looking for a cardigan like this for ages. It's gonna be great for the next few months seeing as it's getting too warm to wear a coat now, and it'll be perfect again come Autumn. It's the perfect fit and not too thick or thin. I also love the vest. I've been wearing a similar grey one with a skull on a lot, so I know I'll get a lot of use out of this one.

Tops (£4 and £8), Primark

I think both of these tops will be great with high waisted jeans or shorts for the Spring.

Top (£6) and Dress (£6), Primark

The dress is such a bargain, it's just a light cotton material and will be great with leggings. Can't wait to wear it. The top again is just an easy piece to throw on!

Shorts (£10), Primark

I always tend to buy too many tops and not much else, so I was determined to find a skirt or shorts today, and I found these shorts, which I think are going to be wearable all year round.

Clutch Bag (£7.99), New Look

I don't even own a clutch bag so I thought it was about time I got one. I think this will go with pretty much every evening outfit.

Rings (£2.99), H&M

I had the silver version of these rings but they've gone quite rusty now. But they're so cheap and I thought the gold ones would be slower to rust!

Max Factor Foundation (£12.99) and Powder (£5.99)

I've been finding my rimmel foundation too thick. I wanted something with lighter coverage for the Spring/Summer. I've purchased this foundation a few times before and loved it, but haven't used it in a year or two, mainly because it's a bit pricey, but I thought I'd get it again! Also needed a new powder.

Max Factor free gift

For spending over £15 on max factor, I got a free gift, which is great! It includes four minatures - two nail polishes, an eyeliner and a mascara - as well as a make-up bag. So I'm happy with that!

Let me know if you like any of my purchases :)

Emma-Louise x


  1. I have this clutch!! It is my one and only, and so cheap too!!

  2. Oh I am in love with this playsuit,it is soo cute!Super pretty!

  3. I love that clutch bag so much!

  4. Lovely buys, that Max factor set looks really cute!

  5. Great finds :) Isn't it so much fun to get to shop got spring and summer! I'm feeling so much more inspired than a couple of months ago!

  6. I love the clutch bag, think I need to get my hands on that! I have the silver version of those H&M rings - I want to get the gold ones too :) x

  7. Amazing items! Unfortunately I don't have a Primark here.
    And 4 hours is long indeed, but normally you finish writing earlier and than you have a lot of time to read it over and over again- and to be bored :P

  8. Hey I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, so feel free to check it out and join in here
    : ]