Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Best Friend's 21st Birthday and What I Wore

It was my best friend Laura's 21st birthday recently. We've been best friends since we were 8 years old! We went out for drinks and clubbing on one evening to celebrate.

I wore:

Dress (with belt), Primark
Shoes, New Look
Necklace, Primark

So that's me, Laura and our boyfriends. The dress I wore was an absolute bargain, only £7 in the sale! I don't think it even looks like it's from primark. I love it! Pink is one of my favourite colours but I don't really own any pink clothes, so this made a nice change. And I wore my favourite navy blue heels which I've had for about two years. This did mean I was about 3 inches taller than my boyfriend, but oh well!

Two days later I went to Go Ape with Laura and her family and some of our closest friends. I had no idea what to expect as I'd never been before. I'm generally not scared of much, I go on all the scary rides at theme parks and have never been scared of heights. But I definitely panicked at Go Ape! It was so scary and high up. And even though I was in a harness I was scared of falling. But I kept going and I completed the whole course, so I'm very pleased with myself!

You may also be able to see that I dyed my hair. Well, my boyfriend did. I really like the colour, although it's starting to fade already! Boo!

Have any of you been to Go Ape?

Emma-Louise x

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